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The Southeast Regional Resource Center: Alaska Academic Decathlon

The Alaska Academic Decathlon (high school) and Pentathlon (middle school) programs are among the premier scholastic competitions on both the state and national level. Aligned with National Standards and Alaska’s Educational Challenge, the curriculum for both programs transfer across core content areas to increase student performance in Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and the Arts (other subjects include Economics, Essay, Speech and Interview). Each team is composed of students with varying abilities and GPAs (Honors: 3.8+, Scholastic: 3.2-3.8, Varsity: 0-3.2). Students compete individually against students in their same category and as a team. RurAL CAP Foundation is a proud sponsor of this statewide event

I am one of the teachers participating in the Pentathlon/Decathlon Coaches Academy. Thank you very much for your support of this program. I am working with 8 students in Valdez as a first-year coach and it has been very nice to have the flow of ideas and resources provided through SERRC and the coursework platform. I think my students and I may have run out of "steam" without the connection to other coaches and the support network. We are going strong! Again, we all appreciate the financial support.

- Ann Norris, Gilson Middle School, Valdez City Schools


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