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Joie Millett

RurAL CAP Community Development Director

Board service 1.5 years


Joie has worked for RurAL CAP, the agency that started the RurAL CAP Foundation, for about 20 years in various positions and supporting a variety of youth, wellness and tribal justice programs. She has helped to make grant awards to rural Alaskan communities, as well as supported the implementation of projects on the ground. It her role to assist communities in obtaining what they need. She brings to the board a knowledge and lived experience in rural Alaska, as well as an understanding that the communities know what they need. 


Joie serves because she believes that small amounts of money to communities can make a large difference in many lives, especially the lives of youth that participate. The music, food, training, cultural activities, etc. that have been funded by the RurAL CAP Foundation have left a positive impact on many lives and communities over the years and she enjoys being a part of that. Originally from Unalakleet, AK, a community in northwest Alaska. Joie now lives in Anchorage

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